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The Canadian Hydronics Council (CHC), a council within the Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating (CIPH), has represented Canada’s hot water heating industry for over 40 years.

Our mandate allows us to participate in the following:

  • Education and Training including delivery of national certification curriculum.
  • Government Relations including participation in codes and standards development.
  • Industry and Consumer Marketing promoting the benefits of hot water heating systems.

The Canadian Hydronics Council is the only national body dedicated to the hot water heating industry and is available to those seeking technical expertise; industry consultation; consumer-friendly information; or just plain “know-how.”

The Council is committed to ensuring that standards, such as the CSA B214 Installation Code for Hydronic Heating Systems, are in place as a basis for proper installation as well as consumer protection and safety.

The Council works collaboratively with regulators and government to address issues related to hot water heating. CHC also hosts and promotes heating training schools for the industry, including a two-day introductory school.


CHC will be hosting the Canadian Hydronics Conference annually starting 2024!

The Canadian Hydronics Council (CHC) was founded as an independent not-for-profit trade association in 1963. The first Chair was Jim Armstrong of S.A Armstrong. At inception, its goal was to promote the interests and prosperity of the Canadian manufacturers and wholesaler distributors of modern hot water heating systems.

In 1967, under the Chairship of R.A. Orr, a merger with CIPH was approved by the CIPH Board. CHC became a Council of the Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating with its own directors and funds, headquartered in Montreal. Currently, CIPH provides secretariat and the office for CHC is headquartered in Toronto.


To cultivate an understanding that hydronics heating and cooling is a proven and reliable system of choice for many building types, and the fastest path to attaining emissions reductions targets to reach Net Zero, while also providing optimum indoor comfort.


To promote and grow the Canadian hydronics industry through code and policy development, training, and membership support while being recognized nationally as the hydronic center of excellence and the best solution provided for Canada to realize emission reduction targets.

Strategic Priorities

  • Government Relations and the Development of Industry Codes and Standards
  • Membership Services
  • Marketing, Public Awareness, and Messaging
  • Training and Development