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CHC Certifications

What is CHC’s Certification Program?

The Certification Program is a method to recognize your mastery of a set of industry criteria in Hydronic Installation, Hydronic Design or both.

Why is Certification Important?

  • It provides you the recognition for your level of installation or design skills.
  • Customers can have confidence knowing that a minimum skill level has been achieved by the person designing/installing their heating system.
  • Provincial/territorial regulators can identify those that are properly trained and impose this as a requirement (a mandate that is in the best interest of all industry participants).

Who Needs to become Certified?

Currently, certification is not mandatory in most parts of Canada. The exceptions are BC (where you need to be a Registered Designer to perform design work) and Alberta (where you need to be a Certified Designer to perform design work). The main reasons designers and installers decide to become certified surround their desire to build credibility with customers (certification can be used as an effective marketing tool to your customers), and ensure they are designing/installing hot water heating systems to industry standards (thus, reducing the number of call-backs they may experience on a job).

How Can I Become Certified?

  • Take the appropriate training by correspondence, online, or in person.
  • Successfully challenge the certification exam. It is not an obligation of exam takers to complete all course work.
  • Complete the appropriate CHC Certification application.

If you feel you have enough industry experience, you may challenge the exam at any time. To do this, please contact the technical institute you wish to write the exam with or contact us.

How Do I Maintain My Certification?

CHC Certification is good for 5 years. Re-certification allows the Council to ensure that graduates remain active in the industry, learning about new technologies that are emerging, and keeping their skills relevant. Recertification can be accomplished by completing five (5) Continuing Education Credits (CEC’s) in the five-year period prior to the expiry of the certification. CEC’s are awarded at a rate of 1 credit per 2 hours of involvement.


Where Can I Find Certification Courses?

CHC does not offer all of the courses recommended to complete certification. Instead, we have partnered with technical institutes across the country to deliver the training. Currently, the following institutes are participating:

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)

British Columbia Institute of Technology