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World Plumbing Council

The World Plumbing Council (WPC) is an international organization which aims to achieve the best possible plumbing for the world through growth and development of the world’s plumbing industries.


Create a global network of Plumbing Industries

  • This was the original idea behind the establishment of the WPC and it continues to be valuable for our members
  • The WPC has at least one organizational (Full or Affiliate) member in 41 countries
  • Full members are mainly national level plumbing industry associations and unions

Support better design and governance of Plumbing Industries Worldwide

  • This is a recent major initiative by the WPC, termed the Four Pillars of Plumbing
  • WPC members learn from each other about managing the key dimensions of plumbing industries, such as entry of properly trained people and accountability for good quality services and products

Continually improve the image of Plumbing Industries

Advance education and training in Plumbing Industries

  • The WPC’s main contribution to education and training currently is our scholarship programs, but the potential is quite broade

Act as a global level communications hub for Plumbing Industries

  • Through its newsletter, social media and website channels

Progress Plumbing Research and Innovation, in both Technology and Policy Areas

  • Such as the WPC research database and reports and policies on plumbing’s important role in public health and environmental sustainability

Contribute to community development projects in less Developed Countries

  • We think helping those in need should be part of the growth and development of the global plumbing industry, and pursue a ‘plumbing industry to plumbing industry’ approach to community development