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Women’s Network Resource Library

This library is a collection of resources available online, brought together for your convenience. It is a guide to motivate you each day while providing easy access to topics that matter to you.


Perfect Career Networking Conversation Starters - Strategies you can employ to engage the person you’re talking with and to keep the conversation moving forward.


12 Memorable Ways to Introduce Yourself at a Networking Event - If you want to stand out in the minds of those you meet at a networking event, you’ll need to come prepared to make an exceptional first impression.


How to Network: 17 Tips for Shy People - Networking is a set of social skills anyone can learn.


Speakers -  Looking to book a speaker for your upcoming event? Look no further. Click the link to access and read about the many speakers available.


CIPH/Industry Training

Calendar of Events – CIPH upcoming events


Lean in Video -   A unique 30-minute webinar produced by the CIPH Women’s Network: Industry leaders Sean Kelly (Emco), Barbara O'Reilly (Rheem), Garth Wallin (Blanco) and Barb Higgens (former CEO of PMI) offered their insights into topics raised in "Lean In" by Sheryl Sandberg.


The Future of Work and the Future of YOUR Work - On January 29, 2020, CIPH held a special session featuring industry leaders exploring solutions to pressing issues facing businesses and their employees. We have created a special summary of the session that you can review and share.