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The Joseph K. Seidner Award

Approved by CIPH Board of Directors in November 2000, the Joseph K. Seidner Award is in honour of its first recipient, the late Joe Seidner. This unique award acknowledges the outstanding commitment of plumbing industry volunteers who dedicate their time, knowledge and expertise to developing safer plumbing codes and standards.  Canadian plumbing codes and standards safeguard the health of the nation.

Name of Past Recipient (s)

Joe Rogers, 2023, Nova Scotia Office of the Fire Marshall

Ralph Suppa, 2022, Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating

Canadian Regulatory Council on Plumbing, 2022,  Government

David Hammond, 2021, A. O. Smith Enterprises Ltd.

Henri Bouchard, 2020, CMMTQ

Philip Rizcallah, 2019, National Research Council of Canada

Kevin Wong, 2018, Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating

Larry Gill, 2018, IPEX Inc.

Sidney Manning, 2017, Alberta Municipal Affairs Safety Services

Kevin Ernst, 2016, OS&B

Bill Fallow, 2015, New Brunswick, Department of Public Safety

France Lemieux, 2014,  Health Canada

Shabbir Rawalpindiwala, 2013,  Kohler Company

Peter Cook, 2012, IPEX Inc.

Jim Holt, 2010, Halifax Regional Municipality, Planning & Development Services

Sally Remedios, 2009, Delta Faucet Company

Raman B. Chauhan, 2008,  National Research Council of Canada

Michael J. Dennis, 2007, Moen Inc.

Carey LaRose, 2006,  Alberta Municipal Affairs

Doug McDonald, 2005, Uponor Canada

Bill Granger, 2004, Delta Faucet Canada

Benoit Lagueux, 2003, Régie du bâtiment du Québec

Arnold Knapp, 2002, Canadian Copper & Brass Association (CCBDA)

Joseph K. Seidner, 2001, Brady & Seidner Mechanical Contractors Ltd.