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CIPH Women’s Network Newsletter Archives

January 2021 - In this newsletter, we discuss how the New Year brings a New Approach.

September 2020 - In this newsletter, Work Life Balance, Handling Stress and a Member Spotlight are discussed.

May 2020 - In this newsletter, the CWN announces a new Chair and Co-Chair for the Network.

September 2019 - In this newsletter, you will find some valuable tech and tools that can help you be more effective and productive in your professional and personal life.

June 2019 - In this newsletter, we speak about The importance of giving and receiving feedback, having difficult conversations and dealing with difficult people, and education and training for your work and personal life.

April 2019 - In this newsletter, we speak about setting goals & objectives.

January 2019 - In this newsletter, we speak about how changing your perspectives can influence many aspects of your life.

October 2018 - In this newsletter, we speak about how to meet and fulfill your potential.

July 2018 - In this newsletter, we addressed how to be your own advocate.

May 2018 - In this newsletter, we spoke about personal branding and launched two new exciting features: Our Stories and the Network Membership Directory.

September 2017 - The theme of this issue is 'Your Career Development.' In this newsletter, we speak to plumbing & heating professionals to gather their advice on how to succeed in the work force.

May 2017 - Our first quarterly newsletter. In this newsletter, we discuss networking tips, as well as how Training through CIPH can help you.